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It is not easy to cope with the anger, fear, and anxiety one feels while being the silent victim of sexual harassment at your workplace. With confusing advice given by family, friends, and colleagues, it can be difficult to know how to deal with the abuse.

On one hand, you are afraid of losing your job if you protest and complain; on the other hand, the harassment is making your life unbearable. This is where a sexual harassment attorney comes in; with the help of a committed and empathetic sexual harassment attorney, you can ensure the guilty do not go unpunished and you go ahead living a normal life.

At Goldberg & Rosen, we specialize in sexual harassment legal services. We understand the multiple emotions you go through as a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace and we can help you deal with the whole predicament as painlessly and result-oriented as possible. Goldberg & Rosen is highly regarded as a leading law firm in Miami.

Why speed is of essence

Given the complexity of the definition of sexual harassment and the potential risk to your job, it can be difficult to make quick decisions on filing a case. It is also important to know which instances qualify or meet the definition of sexual harassment.

The law states that the harassment must be either severe or pervasive to qualify as sexual harassment. Simple off-hand teasing and one-off comments may not be recognized as being either severe or pervasive. But if such comments have occurred regularly enough to create a hostile work environment, it could meet the definition of harassment. Understanding the legal definitions and what constitutes harassment can be tricky. Consulting a professional and experienced sexual harassment attorney at Goldberg & Rosen can help you gain clarity and decide on the next course of action as quickly as possible.

Every minute’s delay can impact the chances of winning the case. And with time, it could be possible to forget some of the critical details of the case. If there were witnesses to the incidents, it is also possible that they could be influenced by the perpetrator or they might not remember the facts clearly when required. Contacting one of our Miami sexual harassment lawyers at Goldberg & Rosen as soon as you can is the best way to get professional and reliable advice on the next steps to take.

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