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Propane tank explosions happen frequently in America. Whether from gas grills or in industrial settings, explosion accidents are devastating to those who are injured and to their surviving family members. If you have been injured in Florida as a result of a propane explosion you will need the services of an experienced propane accident legal team to help you obtain meaningful compensation for your losses.

These types of accidents are difficult to prove since by their very nature, the evidence to the accident may have been completely destroyed by the explosion. Sadly, those who could provide witness testimony may have been killed in the accident leaving no firsthand account of what happened.

For many years Goldberg & Rosen has been helping Miami residents obtain meaningful compensation for propane tank injuries caused by faulty valves, improper propane gas filling techniques and other safety violations. Our trial preparation team is experienced at assembling facts to back up our client’s position that their injuries were caused by one or more negligent actions, such as:

  • Failure to respect safety rules when refilling a propane tank
  • Failure to fill the tank to capacity which impairs the odor-identifying safety feature of liquid propane
  • Failing to inspect and replace faulty regulators, hoses or any part of the system
  • Allowing a damaged tank to be refilled
  • Improper installation of an outdoor grill or other device using propane

Human error in propane explosion accidents

Propane is extremely flammable and requires specialized containers and safety features to ensure it can be moved safely as well as safely refilled into containers. One of the most common causes of explosion accidents is unsafe handling of propane in one form or another. Defective valves and other regulating devices is another source of accidents as well as using unapproved containers for transporting or storing propane.

Propane tank explosions are preventable

Whatever the cause, an explosion is always the result of negligence somewhere. Goldberg & Rosen are experienced trial preparation attorneys with the resources to trace the responsible parties, so they can be held accountable for the resulting damage.

If you have been injured in a propane tank explosion from an outdoor grill or at the workplace, you deserve proper compensation for all injuries and losses resulting from the negligence of one or more parties. In cases of wrongful death resulting from the explosion, we can help the surviving family members through the legal process.

As a prominent Miami personal injury law firm, we have a wealth of experience handling insurance companies and large corporate legal teams who are focused only on minimizing their client’s financial responsibilities.

We work on the basis of no win, no fee. To get started with your case, all that is necessary is to book a consultation with one of our outdoor grill injury lawyers. Your case will be handled throughout the process without further financial strain.

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