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For over 40 years the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen in Miami, Florida have fought with courage and compassion against insurance companies and large corporations to bring justice to the clients they serve.

Led by Florida Super Lawyers Brett and Judd Rosen, our team of experienced and creative trial attorneys & personal injury lawyers in Miami routinely take on large challenges, and succeed. Goldberg & Rosen has represented clients locally in Miami and nationally in a wide variety of cases involving catastrophic personal injuries, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, wrongful death, and injustices from insurance companies and large corporations.

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Car Accident Miami

Vehicle Cases

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, or you require DUI attorney services, our legal team of top Florida lawyers are here to help. With decades of experience handling motor vehicle cases, we’ll make sure you receive the settlement you deserve.

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Medical Malpractice Miami


Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional’s actions result in patient injury or death. Our experienced legal team knows what it takes to win these lengthy and complex cases, and we won’t rest until you’ve been fully compensated for your damages.

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Wrongful Death Miami


The loss of a loved one due to another person’s negligence or violence is devastating for those left behind. Our legal team of Miami attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen will work relentlessly to achieve the full settlement the surviving family members deserve, so they are financially taken care of moving forward.

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Boat Accidents Miami


From boating accidents to cruise ship cases, our legal team is well-versed in federal, international and Florida state maritime laws. As such, our vastly experienced attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen can make sure you’re compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering and any other damages you may have experienced following an accident at sea.

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Defective Drugs Miami


Consumers should be able to trust that the products and drugs they purchase are safe to use. Unfortunately, many products are poorly designed, improperly manufactured and inadequately labeled. When powerful corporations endanger consumers in this way, our top Miami attorneys fight to hold them accountable for the safety of their products.

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Bicycle Accidents Miami


When negligent drivers fail to exercise an appropriate level of care and their actions result in a bicyclist’s injury or death, they need to be held accountable. Our attorneys are proud to have helped countless cyclists take on negligent drivers and their insurance companies to recover compensation for their injuries and property damage.

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Workers' Compensation Miami


Accidents in the workplace may result in health issues that can detract from your quality of life and impact your ability to earn a living. Our legal team of some of the best Miami attorneys are vastly experienced in handling these complex cases, and will make sure you are compensated for your injuries.

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Top Miami Law Firm


Our experienced trial attorneys have extensive and varied backgrounds in patent, copyright, trade secret and trademark litigation. As such, we understand the value of our clients’ intellectual property assets and work strategically to ensure they are fully protected.

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Negligence of a Miami-Dade County bus driver

Liability & Damages
Awarded $6,000,000

Case Results

At the end of the day, our legal team of some of the best Miami lawyers at Goldberg & Rosen are committed to one thing: winning your case. That’s why everything we do is with the intention of obtaining the best possible outcome and recovering the compensation you deserve. This singular focus has served us well, and we are exceptionally proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients over the years. As such, we invite you to review the impressive settlements we have recently obtained, thanks to our dedication to excellence.

Are you eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for family of drunk driving victims

Wrongful Death


Damages awarded for immigrant family for loss of their mother

Wrongful Death


Awarded damages for elderly woman of husband who died of fall

Motor Vehicle Accident


Awarded damages for plaintiff who suffered "invisible injury"

Medical Negligence


Damages awarded for family whose child died due to medical negligence

Premises Liability Victim


Damages awarded for cervical spine injury victim

Motor Vehicle Accident


Awarded damages for victim of hit and run crash with a Bentley

Motor Vehicle Accident


Awarded damages for victim of a severe drunk driving incident

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for pedestrian struck by Holiday Inn transport van

Workplace Injury


Damages awarded for ship crew member who suffered herniated disc

Boating Accident


Damages awarded for water vessel crash in South Florida

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for bicyclist hit by a delivery truck driver

Workplace Injury


Awarded damages for boat yard worker injured in saw incident

Workplace Injury


Awarded damages for a young man who fell while working on roofing project

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for family of fatal automobile accident victim

Wrongful Death


Awarded damages for Tampa family who lost father in automobile accident

Wrongful Death


Awarded damages in wrongful death suit - Geico Insurance

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for victim of car accident who suffered low back injuries

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for school teacher struck by car in Miami

Liability & Damages


Damages awarded for Miami Police Officer injured in elevator accident

Motor Vehicle Accident


Awarded damages for elderly man struck by a semi-tractor trailer

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for victim of crash with garbage truck

Liability & Damages


Damages awarded for trip and fall incident at a local restaurant

Liability & damages


Damages awarded for pain & suffering - The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Workplace Injury


Awarded damages for a neck injury. -Royal Caribbean

Liability & damages


Awarded damages for injuries sustained - Iron Mountain Information, MGMT.

Motor Vehicle Accident


Awarded damages for torn meniscus. -Adrian Machado & Pablo Machado

Personal Injury


Awarded damages for a fall in an elevator. -Schindler Elevator Co

Liability & Damages


Awarded damages for injured finger from ceiling collapsing on tenant

Motor Vehicle Accident


Damages awarded for victim who suffered injuries from a DUI crash

Medical Negligence


Awarded damages for failure to provide medical care. - NCL Ltd

Pain and Suffering


Awarded damages for premises liability. - Miami Dade County

Liability & damages


Awarded damages for insurance liability. -United Automobile Insurance

Motor Vehicle Accident


Awarded damages for motor vehicle injury. -Maria C. Encinosa

Products Liability


Awarded damages for products liability case and premises liability. -Gaming Arcade II

Motor Vehicle Accident

Excess of Proposal

Damages awarded for more than initial proposal to settle

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Brett Rosen & Judd Rosen:
Named Among the Most Effective
Lawyers in South Florida

In 2013, the Daily Business Review recognized fourteen attorneys for their excellence, naming them finalists for the honor of the most effective personal injury lawyers in South Florida. Included as members of that honorable group are our very own Brett Rosen and Judd Rosen.

There was a rigorous selection process of over 80 attorneys for this honor, all of whom were measured on one critical benchmark: the results they are able to obtain for their clients. After a three-month review that focused on both the outcomes and the complexity of their cases, the editors at the Daily Business Review came to the same conclusion our clients have known for years. They recognized Brett Rosen and Judd Rosen as among the most effective attorneys in South Florida, thanks to their ability to win cases and obtain the best possible results for their clients.

Giving Back

At Goldberg & Rosen in Florida, we think of our attorneys as gladiators for the underprivileged. We believe that everyone deserves expert legal counsel regardless of their financial situation, and we routinely represent less fortunate clients who would be otherwise unable to pay for our services. In this way, we ensure that the people living in our community are protected and justice is served.

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Glen Z. Goldberg

Glen Goldberg Lawyer

One of the most successful personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys in the state of Florida, Glen Z. Goldberg has represented consumers in landmark cases for over thirty years. Since graduating with honors from the esteemed University of Miami School of Law in 1972, he has been involved with numerous cases which are representative of individual rights, tried landmark decisions and appeared in all levels of trial and appellate courts in the state of Florida.

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Glen Goldberg Attorney

Judd G. Rosen

Best Attorney Miami, Judd Rosen

An extremely successful attorney, Judd G. Rosen has taken on and defeated some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in the United States, winning substantial financial settlements for deserving clients. A proud graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, Mr. Rosen is dedicated not only to winning cases, but also to providing excellent service and ensuring each and every client is treated like a valued member of our firm’s family.

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Top Attorney Miami, Judd Rosen

Brett M. Rosen

Best Lawyer Miami, Brett Rosen

As a vastly experienced trial lawyer, Brett M. Rosen has made it his life’s work to protect his clients and the community from injustice. Since earning his law degree from Nova Southeastern University, Mr. Rosen has made a name for himself by winning impressive financial settlements for the victims of tragic accidents whose rights might be adversely affected by large and powerful corporations.

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Brett Rosen, Top Florida Laywer

Jocelyn Santana

Jocelyn Santana Lawyer

Jocelyn Santana is a partner at Goldberg & Rosen. She dedicates herself to serious personal injury claims, wrongful death and medical malpractice. The first Hispanic female attorney to join the firm at Goldberg & Rosen, Ms. Santana is fluent in Spanish and is heavily involved in the Cuban American Bar Association.

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Jocelyn Santana Attorney

Zachary D. Bodenheimer

Zachary Bodenheimer Lawyer

Zachary D. Bodenheimer is a partner at Goldberg & Rosen. He is committed to securing justice and providing expert representation for victims who have been injured. After graduating with honors from the University of Miami School of Law, he accepted a position as an Assistant State Attorney, where he aggressively protected the rights of victims and prosecuted crimes involving DUIs, sexual battery and drug trafficking.

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Zach Bodenheimer Miami Attorney

Mustafa Dandashly

Mustafa Dandashly Miami Lawyer

Mustafa Dandashly is a Lebanese-American attorney who prides himself on devoted, thorough, and professional representation of his clients. Mr. Dandashly focuses his practice on serious personal injury cases. As an attorney in the firm’s litigation department, Mr. Dandashly is heavily involved in the firm’s federal litigation practice, as well as the litigation of wrongful death, medical malpractice, and civil rights cases.

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Mustafa Dandashly Attorney in Miami

Find out about your legal claims when you have an accident.

The Goldberg & Rosen Difference

At Goldberg & Rosen in Miami, you’re far more than just a client — you’re a member of the family. As such, our entire team goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the highest level of service possible. The lead attorney and paralegal exclusively assigned to your case are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we encourage you to call the office whenever you’re in need of guidance or simply would like an update on your case’s progress.

In addition to providing impeccable client service, we’re equally committed to winning cases. As such, our managing partners are personally responsible for each and every case our office handles. Though this is not a common occurrence among leading law firms like ours, it’s a critical part of the way we operate because it allows our clients to reap the benefits of our partners’ vast knowledge and decades of experience. We’re also known for thinking outside of the box to identify highly effective legal strategies other firms may overlook, and we use the latest state-of-the-art technology to argue your case and ensure you receive the fair and just settlement you deserve.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of negligence or misconduct, please do not hesitate to contact some of the most effective attorneys Miami has available at Goldberg & Rosen today to receive guidance about your legal options with a free and confidential case evaluation.