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At Goldberg & Rosen, our expert legal team is proud to represent individuals who have been injured or poisoned due to defective and dangerous hip implants sold by the Stryker Corporation. If you or a loved one has experienced medical complications after receiving a Stryker implant, our attorneys may be able to help you file a lawsuit against the manufacturer to recover compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, injuries and other damages.

What you need to know about Stryker Accolade hip implants

The Accolade TMZF Femoral Hip Stem is manufactured by the Stryker Corporation. It’s a device that is made from a single piece of titanium alloy, designed with a tapered wedge that is able to fit more patients and make a variety of surgical approaches possible.

The Stryker Accolade is commonly used with a metal acetabular cup – creating a metal-on-metal implant. When the moving parts of the implant rub together, they shed tiny pieces of metal and toxic chemicals into the body. This causes metal poisoning, which is associated with a number of serious medical issues, including:

  • Kidney problems.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Depression and other psychological issues.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Problems with vision and hearing.
  • Cardiomyopathy.

Lawsuits against the Stryker Corporation

In May 2014, five lawsuits involving the Stryker Accolade were filed in New Jersey. In that same court, Stryker is facing additional lawsuits involving their Rejuvenate and ABG II implants. The plaintiffs allege that the Accolade implant features a defective design as well as defective manufacturing, resulting in a dangerous risk of corrosion. These complications lead to a high-rate of premature failure, sometimes within just a few years of having the implant placed.

The company is also being sued for failing to warn that the Accolade TMZF hip stem, when used in conjunction with the LFIT anatomic V40 femoral stem, created a metal-on-metal implant with a substantial risk of corrosion, metal toxicity and other medical issues.

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