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It is unfortunately quite common for patients to suffer injuries from the very medical devices that are intended to help them. If you have been injured after using a medical device to improve your health, our experienced legal team at Goldberg & Rosen may be able to help you file a defective product claim against the responsible parties and recover the compensation you deserve.

Common defective medical devices

A medical device is a device medical professionals may use to help patients treat a disease, condition or illness. Certain medical devices are more prone to encounter defective product claims, including:

  • Defibrillators.
  • Implants, such as hip or shoulder replacements.
  • Stents.
  • Contraceptive devices.

Types of medical device claims

The direction of your case, as well as the compensation you’re entitled to, will depend on your specific defective product claim. Here are the three most common types:

  • Defective manufacturing. If a medical device is manufactured improperly, damaged during shipping or damaged due to an error at the hospital or physician’s office, you may have a claim against a defectively manufactured device.
  • Defective design. A defective design claim may occur if the medical device featured an inherently dangerous or risky design that caused your injury or illness.
  • Defective marketing. If warnings about the risks or safety concerns of using the medical device were not properly conveyed, it is considered defective marketing, which may provide you with grounds for a lawsuit.

Current medical device lawsuits at Goldberg & Rosen

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